Photography for beginners: Pricey hightech not needed!

Photography for beginners: Pricey hightech not needed!

The right entry into photography is unfortunately much too often discussed on a technical level. But especially at the beginning there is no need for a high-tech camera. Learning photographic basics is possible with any 0815 camera or even a smartphone.

Countless comparison portals and forum entries bear witness to the often tormenting search for the Holy Grail. “Which camera is the best? “What equipment do I need?” Understandable: The offer is huge. In the technical jungle of manufacturers, you can lose yourself pretty quickly. The purchase decision then quickly leads to frustration and excessive demands. Also because as a beginner you can’t really judge the technical details.

Perfect equipment: A smartphone is all you need to get started

Good equipment is important, no question! But that’s not what it’s all about. If you can’t drive, you won’t benefit from the technical finesse of a Porsche. It’s the same with photography. In the beginning it’s all about learning the basic rules of design. So it’s about developing an eye for motifs and a good image composition. This works with any camera. Even smartphones take really good pictures these days. The pictures in the gallery below are all taken with a smartphone (iPhone 5 & iPhone XS). So you can also celebrate your first learning successes without big investments.

Learning design: Developing an eye for motifs

Especially at the beginning it’s even helpful if you don’t have to worry about camera settings at all. Subject, image composition, aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity … Everything at once is far too much for the beginner. The first step is to discover exciting motifs. Structures, patterns, lines, alignment, contrasts, lighting moods and reflections are just a few examples. Those who observe their surroundings attentively will find out how much there is everywhere. Step two is then the recording of such a discovery with a successful perspective and image composition. Keyword: golden section.

Equipment question: First learn, then invest!

Back to technology. In the beginning it is even a hindrance. The best features don’t help much if the motif doesn’t fit. Those who stay tuned develop technical know-how step by step. Just make it easy and try it out! This also helps you to get to know your individual needs for your equipment better. Only then can the equipment question be adequately assessed. An architectural photographer, for example, makes different demands on his equipment than a portrait or sports photographer. Conclusion: You should know for yourself where the journey is going before you invest in an expensive camera.

Buy equipment: Advice and marketplaces

If you still want to invest in equipment right from the start, you should not look at Media Markt or Amazon, but at local specialist retailers. Especially at Amazon, the ratings are very subjective. What’s good for some doesn’t have to be good for others. We recommend the German specialist trade Calumet Photographic – a supplier for professional photographers. There, you will find a wide range of products and individual advice from expert staff.

By the way, most specialist dealers also have a comprehensive Second-Hand assortment. There you can usually rely on the fact that the used models are also in good order and well maintained. eBay is usually a cheaper alternative. Included: the cat in the bag. Can go well, but also not! For a big investment like a camera we therefore recommend the local specialized trade. There the equipment costs a little bit more. But you can rely on the quality and have a contact person in case of problems.

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