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Design rules motifs

Good pictures are literally lying in the street. You just have to open your eyes and see them! Those who observe basic design rules when taking photos and work systematically with picture elements can stage their motifs skilfully.

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Photographing moving motifs

Capturing impressive photographs of moving objects is really not easy. Especially for beginners it’s often a frustrating challenge. Short shutter speeds avoid unattractive blurring and freeze the dynamics of a movement.

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Panoramabild zusammensetzen

The incredible vastness of Grand Canyon, the futuristic skyline of China’s economic capital Shanghai or the glowing Ayers Rock: with serial pictures, oversize motifs can be simply combined to create impressive panoramas.

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Photography for Beginners

Unfortunately, the right entry into photography is often discussed on a technical level. But there is no need for a high-tech camera, especially at the beginning. Learning photographic basics is possible with any 0815 camera or even a smartphone.

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